About me

People who wonder if the glass is half empty or half full are missing the point. The glass is refillable”

Although I thoroughly enjoyed studying and practicing Psychodynamic  Psychotherapy,  I personally felt it had its limitations. I instinctively felt that repeatedly going over the problems felt counter productive. I travelled the world in search of answers from Bali to Mexico and discovered some answers that have been around for thousands of years.

What interested me and excited me even more was that the scientists had found ways to study the brain and the effect that mindfulness had on the brain. It seemed that the old ancients had known the profound benefits of mindful meditation thousands of years before it could be scientifically proven.

I am solution based and have personally facilitated enough positive change in my life to know that it is possible. At one point in my life I felt completely dissatisfied with my life and felt like I was ‘wearing someone else’s life’. I felt depressed and anxious most of the time but didn’t know what to do about it. It really was a case of “repeating the same behaviour -and thought patterns-and expecting different results.”

I managed to create some improvement with Psychotherapy, for which I was very grateful, but I still didn’t feel stable and secure and happy. I have since discovered that the opposite of happy is not in fact depression but apathy. I was apathetic and unfulfilled, and so began my journey.

I instinctively knew that life should be fun and happy and easy. Of course we can experience challenges, sometimes major challenges, but if we can grow wiser and stronger through our experiences then life starts to make sense and we can flourish.

I have studied enough about what the Neuroscientists and Neuropsychologists have discovered to know that you can literally practice happiness – until it becomes our new ‘set point’.

It is never too late to learn how to deal with negative thoughts and get perspective. I found my way out of negativity, frustration and confusion to clarity,  lightheartedness and joy. I have come to a place now where I wouldn’t change any of my past if I had the choice because it has given me so much understanding and insight and freedom.

I am a person who thoroughly enjoys my food and wine and doesn’t take myself too seriously. I am very dedicated to helping my clients but I feel that the work we do doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, sometimes a bit of laughter really can be the best medicine.

Whether you want to just make small changes in your life or big changes or just find more clarity I would be delighted to be of help. Give me a call if you want to have a chat to find out more                         07854 138080.

I had never been to talk to someone about my problems before but Shirley is really relaxed and fun and truly does help those who want to help themselves.” Wendy M