Counselling West London: Is It The Only Approach?

Counselling West London wide is a very sought after service for those who need to speak to a professional about their problems in a private environment. Counsellors are trained to listen to everything that their clients want to say and respond with empathy and understanding. There's a misconception that counselling is a general term for therapy, but it is actually a specific type of therapy sitting alongside psychotherapies – such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – and meditations such as mindfulness. These services are often offered by a life coach London, but is counselling the best approach to making meaningful change in your life?

A Life Coach London Versus A Counsellor

Whilst there are differences between these disciplines, it is possible for a life coach to be a counsellor; whilst it is also possible for a counsellor to be a life coach. But life coaching and counselling are two very separate things and counselling is a professional that requires specific skills and qualifications. Those who visit a counsellor generally feel as if they are stuck in a rut. They face predicaments which make them feel as if they have no control or options in their life. So, counselling in Fulham is very much recommended for if you are going through a challenging period in your life. Life coaching, on the other hand, is a way of helping people to focus and obtain goals in their life. This more for people who are not feeling as if life is a lead weight; rather, they are just struggling to meet certain goals or to move forward. A life coach helps devise strategies to help their client avoid the pitfalls that they have been falling into whilst trying to obtain these goals. So, as you can see counselling in Ealing and life coaching are very different. The counsellor is not there to provide a solution per se to a person, but rather is there to allow this person space to find their solution – but solutions aren't necessarily vital for counselling to be effective. Sometimes people just want space to vent their frustrations, and talk about and understand their feelings. Life coaching, however, sees the coach encourage their client to find the solutions.

Counselling In West London Versus Meditation Or Mindfulness

So now that we understand what counselling in West London and psychotherapist in London is, it's time to define some of the other types of therapy that are available. Two of the most popular and emerging therapies based on traditional approaches are meditation and mindfulness. The unfortunate thing about counselling in Hounslow is that it can be associated with the 'stigma' of mental health. Whilst such views have gone through a dramatic change in recent years, people are still scared of the association of counselling with mental health problems. But the likes of meditation and mindfulness can be extremely beneficial tools to fight against the effects of stress and anxiety, which can lead to depression, without the need to expose private thoughts and emotions to another person. The difference between mindfulness and meditation is not that vast. After all, mindfulness is a form of meditation. But whereas meditation is generally about self-regulating ourselves through opening our consciousness to positive feelings such as love, patience, empathy and compassion; mindfulness is about remaining in the present. For example, if you're having a very nice lunch whilst sitting outside on a summer's day, it's about staying in that moment and not letting your mind wander to impending future problems, or crushing failures from your past. It's about focusing on the taste and smell of your lunch and the feel of that warm summer breeze on your skin. Mindfulness is also very easy to incorporate into other forms of meditation if you find the right mindfulness coach to teach you. Mindfulness West London, an expert counselling West London based service, can do just that.

Experience Counselling West London With Mindfulness West London

I am Shirley, the life coach London wide at Mindfulness West London, and I have a wealth of experience in every one of the above techniques and therapies. Counselling West London wide can be helpful to so many people. I can take elements of each type of therapy and psychotherapy, including counselling and mindfulness, to build a plan to help you feel great about life again and to reach your goals. For more on how I can help you obtain clarity and happiness in life once again, just visit Or if you'd like to talk to me about your needs, call me on 020 8994 2447, or email