Mindfulness Teacher Traits – What Makes Them Good

Mindfulness teacher options seem to be everywhere. As the popularity of mindfulness and meditation continues to grow, people have more choice than ever over the teachers they choose and how they learn. Finding the right life coach London based can sometimes seem more like a lottery than anything else. However, there are some traits that are often found in the best mindfulness teachers. If you find one of these coaches, you’re in luck. The best way to check is to have a chat with them at an introductory session to see what they may be like to work with throughout a full mindfulness course.

One of the core traits of a mindfulness or meditation teacher is that they are open. If a mindfulness coach comes across as judgemental in any way, you may struggle to work with them. An integral aspect of both mindfulness and meditation is being able to honestly work with your teacher. If you’re scared of being judged or you perceive that you might “get it wrong” then you won’t be open to mindfulness and it won’t work for you. Similarly, ensuring that your preferred practitioner is trained to teach mindfulness is something that some people overlook. Don’t choose an amateur.

All mindfulness and meditation teachers work differently. However, the client should always be the core aim, and you’re always best taking up an introductory session or chat to see if you gel with your teacher. At Mindfulness West London, I am careful to ensure that every client is treated as the individual they are. That means that I don’t push clients into signing up for courses before I’ve had an introductory session to assess their requirements. That’s what makes me the premier mindfulness Chiswick based provider. Learn more at http://www.mindfulnesswestlondon.co.uk or call 020 8994 2447 to book your first session.