Mindfulness Training Courses Explained

Mindfulness training courses have become incredibly sought after in recent years due to the Western world opening up to the benefits offered by this traditional technique that can trace its history back to more than 2,000 years ago. As a form of meditation, it is practised by many in either private or public settings. For some, this private space is very important to be able to achieve mindfulness; whereas others may seek to achieve mindfulness around others. But what is mindfulness? Why is it relevant to our lives? And is there a life coach London based that offers such courses?

What Is Mindfulness As Taught By A Life Coach London?

Mindfulness is a very straightforward concept. Mindfulness is largely self-descriptive of what this technique involves. It is a type of meditation that helps your mind to be fully attentive to what is happening around it, and what you are doing in your current time and place. While some perceive this to be a thing that we do by default, the reality is that our minds wander and travel to thoughts and memories that have no bearing on our current situation. The most common examples of this are getting caught up in regret, or worrying about a future that has not happened. This makes us anxious, hesitant and potentially leads to depression. We stop enjoying life and start torturing ourselves. So, courses in mindfulness – as taught by a life coach or mindfulness coach – can be an incredibly helpful way of realigning us and bringing us back from unproductive thoughts and enabling us to be fully present in the moment. In a world where our attention is being vied for from so many different sources, such a technique can be incredibly helpful. Whilst it does take time to fully channel one's mind to be mindful, it is a state that we are all naturally capable of achieving. Once the technique has been learned through attending mindfulness and meditation courses, it can be introduced into our lives at any juncture: before work, before bed, whilst sitting waiting for dinner to cook – the possibilities are truly endless. Once learned, mindfulness is an incredibly accessible form of meditation that only requires you, your mind and a few minutes a day.

Why Courses On Mindfulness Are Relevant

Despite the widespread popularity of mindfulness training courses in the UK, there are still many who are sceptical of benefits offered by any form of meditation. But it is not just a subjective and individual belief that mindfulness can improve lives. A 2014 report, drawing data from 47 clinical trials involving approximately 3,000 individuals, concluded that mindfulness could improve the symptoms felt by depressed and anxious people by up to 20% versus other activities. The report demonstrated that there was a benefit to quality of life and that achieving mindfulness was more likely to alleviate stress. The technique was first practised (in a different form) some 2,500 years ago by Buddhist monks. It wasn't until the 1970s that it caught the attention of Western medical experts. In the early 2000s, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MCBT) became a recognised aspect of psychotherapy. It is often this type of mindfulness that is taught via courses on mindfulness. The likes of Google, Transport for London, the Home Office and even the US Army has offered mindfulness meditation courses to their employees. The importance of courses when it comes to first learning mindfulness cannot be overstated. Attendance of a course can provide you with the space and time to practise the technique without guilt. It can be hard to find those 15 minutes in our chaotic, 21st century lives to switch off from our problems and stresses, so weekly courses can help to build a habit. But where can you find such courses? Thankfully, you needn't look far. At Mindfulness West London, regular courses are run to teach anyone that is interested all about achieving mindfulness.

Try The Mindfulness Training Courses Offered By Mindfulness West London

Whether you have profusely practised meditation before, or you are a relative newcomer, I welcome you to Mindfulness West London to attend one of my 6-week mindfulness training courses based in central Chiswick, London. Hosted by me, Shirley, a professional life coach London, with a background in psychotherapy and counselling, you will unlock your ability to become mindful. Not only that, but I also cover topics relating to neuropsychology, emotions and why our minds dwell so much on the negative. I can accommodate private courses for groups or businesses too. For more information, just visit us online at http://www.mindfulnesswestlondon.co.uk, email shirley@mindfulnesswestlondon.co.uk or call 020 8994 2447 today.