Psychotherapist In London: How Does It Differ From Mindfulness?

Psychotherapist in London is one specialist people often look to when they want to make meaningful changes in their lives. Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to treat those suffering from emotional trauma, and those dealing with mental health problems. This is done via regular private meetings or sessions with a psychotherapist who helps you by talking through issues in your life and empowering you to make meaningful changes. But psychotherapy isn't the only way to enact positive change in your life. A life coach London based can also provide the likes of mindful meditation. So how do these two approaches differ? Is one better than the other?

Psychotherapy Versus Mindfulness Taught By A Life Coach London

Firstly, it's important to note that to practise psychotherapy an individual must be adequately trained and hold specific checkable qualifications. Unlike mindfulness training and life coaching psychotherapy is highly regulated. This is important to remember when looking for the right therapist for you. Secondly, psychotherapy is a far wider field than mindfulness therapy. There are several types of psychotherapy. One popular and well-known type is psychodynamic psychotherapy. This is based on the work of Sigmund Freud who believed that any bad or uncomfortable experiences or thoughts from childhood were repressed and continued to affect the individual as an adult. However, this is potentially a rather intrusive type of therapy that may leave you feeling upset due to having to talk about deep-rooted fears, experiences and relationships to others. One increasingly popular form of psychotherapy is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This combines behavioural psychotherapy and cognitive therapy to help the recipient explore their thoughts and how they affect their behaviours, to develop new modes of productive thinking. A life coach who teaches mindfulness may incorporate a lot of psychotherapy into their sessions. But there are major differences between psychotherapy West London based and mindfulness. Mindfulness is about achieving a particular state of mind that is in the here and now, rather than focused on past disappointments or future worries. Mindfulness can be incredibly helpful as a tool to stave off stress and anxiety, that can lead to depression, but psychotherapy tries to engage with these issues and bring about changes in thinking and behaviour. But, can you find psychotherapists in West London and counselling West London that are able to cover mindfulness techniques?

The Best Psychotherapist London Services Can Include Mindfulness

Not long ago, many psychotherapists would have scoffed at the thought of introducing mindfulness into psychotherapy sessions with clients. But the past 15 years has seen a massive change in the way that the field of psychotherapy is approached. The field is now less rigid and there are therapists out there who willingly accept methods that had previously been deemed 'alternative' (or of non-Western origin). Mindfulness has long roots stretching back thousands of years to when it was practised by Buddhist monks. But, it is this association that saw it largely ignored by Western doctors and scientists during the 20th century. But as of 2007, nearly half of the 2,600 therapists questioned in a survey were utilising some form of mindfulness in their sessions with clients. In 2017, that percentage is undoubtedly at a much higher rate. So, what does this mean for you. It means that the best psychotherapist London based services will feature at least some aspects of mindfulness in sessions with clients. The two approaches actually complement each other as psychotherapy examining relationships to others, and mindfulness examining the relationship to self. Both promote self-healing and go a long way towards silencing the negative, critical voices in our head. If you are looking for a psychotherapist in London, make sure to find one that practices mindfulness. In fact, you needn't look far. At Mindfulness West London, Shirley, the resident therapist offers private psychotherapy London wide that utilises many different approaches – including mindfulness and meditation.

Mindfulness West London Is The Only Psychotherapist In London That You Need

At Mindfulness West London, I offer several varying solutions when it comes to therapy. I believe very much in incorporating different approaches and techniques to individually tailor therapies towards the needs of individuals. This can include counselling, mindfulness, psychotherapy, life coaching and meditation. My goal is to help you discover and unlock a level of happiness and serenity that your life has been lacking. So whether you need a life coach London based, or you want to see a dynamic, forward-thinking psychotherapist in London, get in touch by phoning 020 8994 2447, or contacting me, Shirley, via You can also read more about the services I provide by visiting my website: