Counselling is a solution based talking therapy. It can be very useful and helpful to gain new perspectives and insights. We work together to find clarity and understanding. It is enormously helpful to talk over your problems to a compassionate listener. There has been much in the media of late about the Princes talking about mental health and wellbeing and how beneficial it can be to talk with a professional about our stress or unhappiness.

Life Coaching

Coaching is goal orientated – and whilst it can be action based it may also be about releasing blocks and limiting beliefs. Sometimes we have just got into patterns of behaviour or thought that are contrary to our aims. The aim with the coaching is to help people close the gap between their desires and their achievement of their desires, and that all starts in the mind. If you do action before you have got your mindset right it can be unfruitful or unsatisfying.


Mindfulness training is about learning techniques and processes that bring clarity and fulfillment into our everyday lives. We work with some very practical solutions to everyday tension and stress. It is about learning to identify the thought patterns that are causing the stress and challenging them and weeding them out.

We are not our thoughts, our thoughts simply present themselves to us and when we learn to identify the stressful thoughts without taking them too seriously we can find some clarity and peace.

Lao Tzu said that “When we have depression we are living in the past and when we have anxiety we are living in the future. It is only when we are living in the present moment we are truly at peace.” So mindfulness is about practicing the habit of living in the now. Obviously there is nothing wrong with pleasant memories or imaginings of the future, but when he said “living”he was talking about obsessing about the past or future.


I teach and guide you in the practice of meditation. Meditation is thousands of years old and is a powerful tool to use to help soothe and relax an over stimulated mind. Eckhart Tolle, who wrote The Power of Now, says that one conscious breathe is meditation.  It really is terribly simple, but not necessarily easy. Initially when people are starting meditation they may need some guidance in how it works and what to expect. Several years ago I started meditation and whilst I had heard all about its benefits I found it challenging to sustain it. With some guidance and a little determination  I began to absolutely love it and now I seldom go a day without meditating.

“All my life I never really felt completely at ease. Through working with Shirley I feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time since I was a child. Thanks Shirley, I have a whole new perspective!” Dee Warren.

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